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National Day of Action to Support Striking LA Teachers, January 14, 2019     In a week, we'll once again celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. So as our sisters and brothers on the west coast gear up for a city-wide strike, I am reminded of something Dr. King once said - [...]

WEAR RED for Public Ed MONDAY2019-03-13T14:41:48-04:00

Awesome Prizes for Our Top Phone Bank Callers!

With two more phone banks on the horizon, we're raffling off some awesome prizes for our members who make the most calls! 2 Tickets for A Night with Amy Schumer Comedian and activist Amy Schumer is hosting a comedy fundraiser for Liuba Shirley this Sunday evening at the Westbury Theater. For [...]

Awesome Prizes for Our Top Phone Bank Callers!2018-10-23T10:51:56-04:00

Be a “Force for Good’

HHHTA / NYSUT Phone Banks The freeze on APPR is coming to an end. Last year, we had the votes we needed in the State to remove high stakes testing from our evaluation system, but it didn't happen because elected leaders held us and our students hostage in an attempt to get hundreds of millions [...]

Be a “Force for Good’2018-10-16T12:46:02-04:00

More than 500 Teachers and Other Educators are Running for Office This Year | Huffington Post

As massive teacher strikes swept red states around the country earlier this year, many of those walking out of their classrooms in protest said they needed to change government from the inside. Anecdotally, at least, it seemed an unusual number of teachers might soon run for state office. One of the country’s top teacher unions [...]

More than 500 Teachers and Other Educators are Running for Office This Year | Huffington Post2018-09-23T08:15:34-04:00

Teacher Pay Gap Reaches a Record High – NEA Today

The overdue national attention on the erosion of teacher salaries across the nation couldn’t come at a more urgent time. According to a new paper by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), the teacher pay penalty – the percent by which public school educators are paid less than comparable workers – has reached an all-time high. When [...]

Teacher Pay Gap Reaches a Record High – NEA Today2018-09-23T08:11:24-04:00

For 60 Years, This Powerful Conservative Group Has Worked to Crush Labor

In December 1953, a group of anti-labor business leaders gathered in Washington, DC, for the first in a series of secret meetings. The meetings were organized by a Southern paper-box manufacturer named Edwin S. Dillard, who was heir to the Old Dominion Box Company and had spent years fighting to keep his workforce from joining [...]

For 60 Years, This Powerful Conservative Group Has Worked to Crush Labor2018-07-09T12:16:34-04:00

It’s Already Starting! | HHHTA

Anti-Union Organizations Targeting School Employees through Work Email We knew this would happen. Anti-union organizations have been waiting for this opportunity for decades. By now, many of you have already seen solicitations from organizations like the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the Right to Work Foundation and the Freedom Foundation. Emails from Mackinac, in particular, [...]

It’s Already Starting! | HHHTA2018-07-02T14:34:11-04:00

#Union | American Federation of Teachers

Right-wing groups have been waging war against public sector unions(link is external) for many years, and, last week, a divided 5-4 conservative majority(link is external) on the U.S. Supreme Court handed them a win in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. This case, which overrules decades of precedent(link is external), was about stripping unions of resources, with the ultimate aim of [...]

#Union | American Federation of Teachers2018-07-02T10:21:04-04:00