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Politics in Action by Matt Gribbin

Over the course of the past few years, we have seen many challenges that, if successful, would be detrimental to our profession.  These include charter schools, teacher performance evaluations tied to standardized testing, the ConCon and now Janus. Even though we are still fighting against these threats, each one has the potential to change [...]

Politics in Action by Matt Gribbin2019-03-14T13:21:02-04:00

NYSUT Women’s Committee by Debra Rothar

“Peace, Love, Solidarity, and Sisterhood” - These words are a part of the vision of the amazing women of NYSUT.  On November 2-3, 2018, the NYSUT Women’s Committee held their annual conference at NYSUT Headquarters in Latham, New York.  For a second year, I was fortunate enough to participate and serve with dynamic and [...]

NYSUT Women’s Committee by Debra Rothar2019-03-14T13:26:48-04:00

Family Movie Day 2018 by Pam Hyland

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it has become a yearly tradition in the Hyland house to attend the HHHTA Family Movie Day Event.  It's exciting to come home from work to tell my two boys, Benjamin (8) and Alexander (almost 7), which movie we get to go see together.  In fact, the first movie [...]

Family Movie Day 2018 by Pam Hyland2019-03-14T13:54:14-04:00

5th Annual East End Experience

It's that time of year again! Join your friends and colleagues for a great day on Long Island's East End! This year's stops include Riverhead Ciderhouse, Laurel Lake, and Jason's Vineyard. Guests will be well-fed and come home with a free souvenir to help remember the occasion

5th Annual East End Experience2019-01-26T06:56:16-04:00

SRP Conference by Lori Levine

In October, Deborah Rossi (Otsego), Dawn Montelle (West Hollow) and I attended NYSUT’s 39th Annual School Related Professionals Leadership Conference in Albany, NY.  The conference was attended by SRPs from across New York State, including 85 first-time attendees. School Related Professionals encompasses all non-teacher positions, including clerical, health care, custodial, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, aides, kitchen [...]

SRP Conference by Lori Levine2018-01-14T08:02:20-04:00

Mentoring New HHHTA Members by Mike Falen

I attended a mentorship meeting on November 15, 2017 in the boardroom at Central Office.  The meeting was run by Rick Keller and was well attended by nearly 20 new members to the Half Hollow Hills family this year.  Members were from different areas of the profession including classroom teachers, special area teachers, and support [...]

Mentoring New HHHTA Members by Mike Falen2018-01-14T07:58:56-04:00

Hills Comes Home by Charese Cunningham

Saturday October 20, 2017 was unlike any other Saturday for the Hills  community.  Unseasonably warm, the air was crisp and alive with anticipation. Music filled the air.  Members of the community lined the area in front of and around our schools. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the annual homecoming parade and football game.  Colorful floats with [...]

Hills Comes Home by Charese Cunningham2018-03-24T07:23:04-04:00